Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuberose. Tuberose! TUBEROSE! I take it all back!

I do. I take back all the nasty comments about tuberose's "wienie water" smell and sharp metallic twang. I finally found a tuberose I can live with, and dreamy delicious it is. Decadently floral, heavy, white, a fuzzy warm blanket of pink tinged sweetness and heady-like-the-honeysuckle-blooming-at-my-front-door, drenched in honey and -- and -- and -- yeah, it's like that. So like that.

Tuberose. My new best friend.


  1. Tuberose is an olfactory bludgeoning unless it is a decent extraction. And even a decent extraction is overwhelming.

    Try handling fresh blooms for a couple hours and then seeing if you still reek of them the next morning :)

  2. Normally, with most tuberose absolutes, I get that boiled beef hot dog water smell and a disturbing edgy metallic twang or bite straight from the bottle, so I know it's going to go south for me after that. But this one from WLA is completely different. I actually smell the flower! And it is overwhelming -- but in a good way. I'm just bowled over by this example. As soon as I diluted it I dropped a bit on my arm and just melted, then ran to the computer and bought some more :)

  3. Hi Justine~
    the tuberose enfleurage, from Enfleurage, NY smells just like the flower but it's crazy $. i have a tiny 2ml that i just dab on sometimes.

    can't wait to smell what you conjure!

  4. Hey J, I have the tuberose abs from WLA. Did you dilute it waaaayyy down?

  5. Lisa, I'd love to get my hands on some of Enfleurage's tuberose enfleurage -- maybe in a bit. Everything from Enfleurage has been top drawer.

    Melis, 3%. It could handle further dilution. I'm enthralled.

  6. I diluted mine to 5% and 1%. I think I prefer the 1%.



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