Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Feeling Nostalgic

When the idea of consolidating my little blog here with two others was proposed, I agreed wholeheartedly, with much excitement and hopes for the future, but now that it's nearing the time to actually make the move, I'm feeling a bit -- nostalgic. I'm going to miss my old home here. I mean, it isn't perfect -- it's a bit run down, perhaps too familiar and in need of a renovation, but it is (or soon will be 'was') my home. Since 2005. November 20, 2005, to be exact. The first post went something like this:

What's this all about?

Hmmm, good question.

It's about sensuality through scent.

It's about finding that single golden needle of perfect essence in a haystack of olfactory mediocrity.

It's about skin.

It's about heart.

It's about seduction.

It's about telling it like it is.

Beautiful, baby!

I think I've pretty much stuck to the theme of that original post. Though, 'telling it like it is' sometimes got me into a pickle a time or two ~ ha! I remember having such high hopes for this blog. I wanted desperately to share what I knew about NBP; to learn from others, to build relationships and friendships and readership! Had I known how hard it would be, how long it would take to accomplish those things (and I still haven't gotten to all of them), how many obstacles would be thrown in my path, I might not have started this blog at all. But they don't call me stubborn for nothing!

This has primarily been a Natural Botanical Perfume blog. A blog about the ups and downs of the absolutely not glamorous life of a perfumer (self-trained, self-supported, self-everything except self-centered, but I suppose one could argue that point since you're reading about how un-self-centered I'm claiming to be on MY blog), a blog about the truly heinous politics of this business (this is the pickle issue I mentioned above), a blog about the truly glorious, spectacular, fabulous and special people and perfumes that I've encountered in this business; a blog about passion, education, sharing, love, spirit, hope.

There have been moments during these past six years that I've thought of throwing in the towel -- with blogging, with perfuming, with anything to do with the internet and its bs cliques and public crucifixions. Sometimes these things can be overwhelmingly depressing. But I always got pulled in again -- by the perfume. By a gifted bottle of 60-year-old sandalwood oil, or an aged rose geranium, or hinoki, or a distillation of frankincense resin, or the discovery that I too can play more the mad scientist with butaflors, or that I have enough good perfume making information stored in my tired old brain cells to share it with others. These things have never failed to bring me instant joy in the face of all this insanity.

No, I won't stop sharing or flapping my yap about my opinions or giving advice or simply rambling about perfume. I will just be doing it in a new home.

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