Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The Summer of Patchouli Love has begun -- because I got my coffrett! I did a quick sniff of about half the box yesterday, but only after scaring the beejeezus out of the mail person! I don't think stalking the mail carrier while loitering behind an overgrown oleander bush is the smartest thing to do ~ ha! They get a bit tetchy and irritable when people do that kind of thing.

So! The coffrett's here, it's pretty and beautifully packaged, and contains an array of some of the most exquisite patchouli perfumes I've ever had the pleasure of sniffing. Stunning stuff, this.

Now I'm off to pick my top three . . .

Have a wonderful PLAP filled day!


  1. Gosh Justine, the image of you lurking behind flower bushes is mildly disturbing, I hope your mail carrier has a sense of humor! Agreed on the fragrances,exquisite! I truly feel "couture" is an appropriate word for these perfumes. These ladies and gentlemen have pulled out all the stoppers! Antique ambergris, Floral CO2 extracts, antique patchouli... my goodness! MANE made a perfume from such materials and charged $5,000 per bottle.

  2. Where else would I be lurking? I have been known to get lost in a garden . . .

    The SPL perfumes are exquisite. Really. I'm so impressed. I have one definite favorite thus far.



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