Friday, June 03, 2011

June 14 ~ June 24 -- A Midsummer Night's Dream Perfume Scent Event Online

The 'A Midsummer Night's Dream Perfume Event' is set to launch June 14th and proceed through to June 24th with participating bloggers giving their opinions and evaluations of perfumes made by a number of fabulous Natural Botanical Perfumers.

I can hardly wait as I am a participant, and the other blog I edit, Le Parfumeur Rebelle, is a participating blog of the event. I know, you instantly thought, "Oops! Conflict of interest!" But no. LPR won't be writing anything about my perfume, and whatever is written about the other perfumes won't be written by me -- we've handed over the reins for this event to Scott Ellis, LPR's newest perfume reviewer, and he's informed me that the packages are just rolling in, one more stinkin' fabulous than the next!

Participating blogs in this event are:

Fragrance Belles-Lettres: The Magazine
Bloody Frida
The Windesphere Witch
WAFT by Carol
Scent Hive
Le Parfumeur Rebelle
Perfume Smellin' Things
Perfume Pharmer
Feminine Things
All I Am ~ A Redhead

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