Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally! Summer is HERE!

Okay, so still not the usual early-June weather we here in the central valley are used to, but at least the clouds have cleared and we aren't receiving anymore record levels of rain. On a clear day, the snow is visible on the mountains. In June. It's crazy.

But heavens! The tomatoes are loving every minute rise in temperature. One of mum's transplanted volunteer mini yellows is already throwing tomatoes ~ and the plant is less than 18 inches tall!

As well as they are all going, they're in desperate need of some TLC -- with the rain and the cold weather, I hadn't spent as much time out in the garden weeding and picking off pests as I should have, as demonstrated by the half-eaten heads of cabbage I discovered yesterday. I can't express how unreasonably furious I was at those effing little worms for eating up my cabbage the way they did. I had been using diotomaceous earth to thwart their efforts, and it was working too, until this last damned rainstorm that washed all the DE away and left my poor cabbage vulnerable to the voracious little buggers -- to them and their slime ball friends, the slugs. The cabbage were unceremoniously pulled from the ground yesterday afternoon and tossed into the dead leaf heap. And just for extra measure, I gave the remaining wormies a dose of DE in case they thought of moving on to greener gardens. That sure ticked off the slug that was running as fast as he could to get out of the sun. He didn't make it very far before the shower of shards rained down upon his greasy little body. Under any other circumstance, I'd say live and let live. But when it comes down to feeding the family or feeding a wad of bugs, the family wins out every time.

The cucumbers probably suffered the most from the recent deluge -- they're all muddy and look half-wasted, but they're not. They're quite spry and beginning to spread out, and they're getting little nubby cukes popping out all over. For some reason my daughter insists on calling them 'bebe coocumbahs' whenever we're out doing a garden check. That's about the extent of her gardening participation.

The herb bed is being decimated by cats and their never ending stream of poo. I may as well call it a litter box for all the action it's receiving. I shoo the culprits out when I catch them in the act, otherwise it's the pooper scooper and a sprinkle of coffee grounds to the rescue -- mum said the coffee grounds are how she got the cats out of her garden beds, so I'm trying it. It's that or I hire a pit bull bully to stand guard . . .

As long as the weather remains warm and increases to hot, the garden should flourish into an edible jungle. Can't hardly wait!

LPR's new reviewer, Scott, is being inundated with AMND submissions, and I don't think I've ever seen him so excited about perfume before. Have I mentioned what a perfume whore he is? He's in heaven right now with all these beautifully formulated Natural Botanical Perfumes at his disposal. There have even been a few he's claimed he'd love to have in a full bottle. That's something. He was to review my perfume, Peaseblossom, but we've jointly decided he will not. It may be perceived as a conflict of interest seeing that Scott is my son and he loves his mama, and that's a pretty big incentive toward bias. So he's going through them, giving each one a day or two and writing his review. He has said that there isn't a stinker in the bunch -- he'd happily wear them all.

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