Tuesday, June 07, 2011

La la la tee da!

Things are still pretty much in a state of -- well, disarray just sounds too polite, and chaos sounds too horrible, so I guess maybe 'messed up' works? You know things are a unraveling at the edges when your first thought upon waking is, "Oh, crap, this again?" It's nothing too specific either, just the general, this-house-is-too-damned-small-for-this-many-people-and-pets thing. Energy, y'know? I feel the energy pouring off everyone and sometimes I just need to get out!

My perfuming of late is just a moment or two of jotting down notes for a new perfume I'm making, something in a series of perfumes representative of light and very wearable fragrances. Enough of the weird stuff, it's time to make perfume people understand. Lylli Bleu is the first of the line, a soft floral/herbal fragrance -- an eau fraiche -- that is still in the bones stage of production; then Isabella Rose, an obvious rose floral with rich caramel notes, also in the bones stage. And then Paisley, Sky and Layla, but I haven't really sat down and figured out the bones of these last three. Paisley is almost a no-brainer, right? I'm thinking a powdery patchouli with subtle spice and floral notes, some warm balsamics in the background . . . Sky & Layla are just names at this point. And you're probably wondering why all these names, right? Because these are real people -- real people who happen to have fabulous names! I know, not very djinn-like, are they? Well, some people just don't get it. When you hear someone completely butcher the name of a perfume you make that they like, you begin to understand that sometimes paring something down to its simplest form saves everyone a lot of embarrassment-- and spelling errors.

Well, some of you may have read by now that Oh, True Apothecary! is moving. When appropriate, I will be posting the forwarding link so y'all can continue reading my ADD riddled scented ramblings. And this blog-o-mine here will be up until blogspot decides to kill it. I'm sure some of you are wondering why I would do such a thing, and it's pretty simple in a complex way (yeah, you know you're never going to get a straight answer out of me ~ ha!) -- collaborations, when they work, work beautifully. My co-collaborators are Monica Skye Miller and Felicia Hazzard and we'll all be writing on anything and everything fragrance at Perfume Pharmer. As the year progresses and we get things going over there at PP, you'll begin to understand better what we offer as a group of like-minded individuals to the NBP community. It'll be a fun ride. I hope you decide to come along.

In the meantime, I pretend everything is chill, as the kids say, whilst I stumble and trip over possessions not mine in a room that is (mine), longing to get to the organ to begin the trials of Lylli Bleu . . . so fa la la la la, everything's peachy, babe!


  1. I really like these bottles they look great!

  2. Hi Justine,
    A perfume would be nice. Everyone loved your soap class and others were sad they missed it.
    hope you come come out for a few on Sat. and cut some lavender. a few vendors and just having fun.
    Let me know if you can teach another class. The bottles of baking essences are beautiful.

  3. Lylli Bleu ...J'adore this name! Who wouldn't? Looking forward to the complete process... yes.. I like new perfumes <3

  4. I can teach another class any time you'd like me to, Shannon. I'll see you on Saturday.



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