Thursday, June 09, 2011

When Inspiration Goes Awry

I consider myself to be a fair to middling soaper -- okay, a pretty good soaper -- but sometimes even I surprise myself with my rookie moves. I got completely swept away by the anticipation of the scents of summer -- greenery, citrus, juicy fruits, intoxicating florals, so I compounded a soap fragrance that looked like this:

fresh grated lemon peel
fresh chopped rosemary
juice of a green lemon
fresh grated peel of a green lemon
Australian sandalwood
petitgrain sur fleur neroli
distilled lime
jasmine grandiflorum
bitter orange
jasmine sambac
gardenia enfleurage
ylang-ylang extra
frankincense absolute
rhododendron leaf
kaffir lime tincture
vanilla Bourbon
bee goo
blood orange

for a grand total of 5 ounces of fragrant stuffs to pour into just over 3lbs of soap base. Can you guess what happened? Well, of course you can't, I haven't finished telling you what I did.

Here's what I did:

I used virgin avocado oil as the main base oil and blended it with olive leaf infused extra virgin olive oil and a little virgin organic coconut oil, then when that bit came to trace, I added about four ounces of the fragrance compound to the soap base and blended well, poured it into the mold, then made the big mistake. I poured about an ounce, perhaps a smidge more, of the fragrance compound over the top of the soap and began to fold it in. And fold it. And fold it. And fold it some more, to no avail as it had made up its mind it wanted to sit atop the soap and take its sweet time soaking in. And so it soaks away.

This soap may be listed later on this summer when the oils either soak in or evaporate. Or, I can make a new "clean" batch of soap and incorporate this lovely fragrant mess into it -- not rebatch, oh, no! -- but a new batch. Yeah. Sounds good.

Regrets? Only one -- I can't use this soap right away and I really want to! It smells like heaven!


  1. Alas...poor soap, lonely for the shower, and not able to go play. :(

    I think it happens to all of us...we get exuberant!

  2. Ha! I was definitely over enthusiastic! I hope by chopping it up and adding it to a new clean batch of soap that it sets up and isn't so squijee -- yes, squijee's a word, ask any three-year-old :)

    It smells so good! Like a margarita on the beach at sunset. Mmmmm.



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