Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream Commences

Today kicks off the first day of the perfume event "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and the flurry of activity and level of excitement is palpable. There are already reviews rolling out ~

WAFT by Carol reviews The Scented Djinn's Peaseblossom

Fragrance Belles-Lettres reviews Blossoming Tree's Fair Thee Well, Nymph

Perfume Pharmer's Monica Skye Miller reviews three perfumes ~ En Voyage Perfume's Titania, Bellatrix's Titania, and Artesa Perfumista's Robin

Feminine Things reviews Bellatrix's Titania

The other blog I co-host, Le Parfumeur Rebelle, is also a reviewing blog of the event, but we've decided to review ALL the participating perfumer's perfumes, instead of just a handful, as most of the other bloggers have done, and we're really feeling the pressure! It's the opening day and we haven't posted a single review! Scott Ellis, LPR's reviewer for this event, is awash in Midsummer bliss at this very moment, leaving me FB messages and phoning me every so often to talk about this perfume or that one, or WHO is this perfumer?! He's beside himself with fragrant happiness.

I'd also like to give a great big smelly hug and a fat wet rosy kiss to Amanda Feeley, host of this event, for coming up with such an exciting and wide-ranging topic on which to draw inspiration in the creation of perfume. The solstice is coming upon us quickly and what better way to celebrate the change of seasons than by showering oneself in the scent of Midsummer?

Let the merriment commence ~


  1. Scented Djinn got beautiful review! :)

  2. HollyJae5:07 AM

    I want some.... gimme gimme gimme... =P



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