Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 58 ~ One Year, One Nose

The Scented Djinn's Mother's Day Soap scent formulation ~

Thanks to some helpful soap elves (well, actually it was just one, Lisa, and she made such fabulous suggestions, I used them) I've formulated the soap scent for the upcoming Mother's Day Soap. It needs a little more tweaking, but I think it already smells pretty darned spectacular. It's a BIG scent.

It opens with a deep, juicy citrus punch , as if you'd fallen into the juicer and were being spun around with the oily rinds of tangerines and mandarin oranges. Then comes a floral sweetness, kind of quiet like, behind the citrus, smoothing down the jagged edges and making the scent feel -- fluffy. It is becoming difficult to describe after this point as the scent seems to grow, becoming more juicy, more fluffy-sweet, and -- bracing? The scent becomes big and energizing; fruity and sweet with hints of spicy florals. The woody part of the scent, the hinoki, is there all along but serves as more of a platform for the other more intrusive members of the formulation, present and standing by, holding up the formulation, extending the scent. It's a pretty cool effect.

If you're interested in purchasing one of these soaps (I haven't yet made them as I'm still formulating the scent) check out my currently product-free Etsy site in about three weeks. This is a limited run, so email me privately to reserve a bar or two. I'll post a reminder on this blog when they go up for sale.

The basic scent formulation, as it sits now, is made up of tangerine, red mandarin, mimosa, clary sage absolute and hinoki wood. I will be tweaking this formulation to bring more of those woody notes down, and boost the floral bits as well.

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  1. Added jade cypress and tons more mimosa.



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