Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 65 ~ One Year, One Nose

Carrot Seed

Carrot seed oil is a complicated little bugger. It does not smell of carrot. But it does smell of the earth. It has a richness to its tonality, like a bag of potting soil that has sat warming in the sun, it's that wonderful living earth smell that is released when the bag is opened that carrot seed possesses. Living earth touched by chilly air. It's magical. Carrot seed is sweet, and for some reason I'm reminded of mallow. Carrot seed is a bridge scent in perfumery as it pulls together the head and heart notes, and again with the heart and base notes. It's a ring-around-the-rosie hand-holding little fool! Indispensable sweet, earthy, uplifting, breathy, rooty, spicy, citrusy -- all that.

I've been thinking of ways to remind myself about all the stuff I shouldn't be putting in my mouth (I'm talking about food here, so get your mind out of the gutter) -- like sugar, as in added to coffee/tea, et al; chips, soda, cookies, cake, all that kind of stuff. And you're probably wondering why I need a reminder not to do eat those things and here's the deal -- I have ADD. Always have. All those things I mentioned make it worse, but I also crave the hell out of them! I find the more wholesome foods I ingest, the better my concentration becomes, not to mention my weight drops, my skin becomes luminous, my breath doesn't smell like I've licked a donkey's buttocks, and my hair comes alive -- like Medusa. So I need reminders. I find the only way I can get things done is to write them down in detail, so I've begun doing that. But for this, I need a constant reminder. Something I don't have to dig out of a backpack or a handbag or briefcase. I believe another tattoo is in order, a reminder tattoo, something small and clearly visible, at least to me. I've chosen to have a tiny little carrot tattooed on my left inside wrist. I chose this spot because it is also where I write notes to myself at work to remind me to do things once I'm home. I've literally come home with a list of things on my wrist that read:

curtain rod
chicken breast
doohicky for fireplace grate
no sugar!
bathroom scale

It works. Though sometimes I don't remember to write 'no sugar!' and I come home and drink a few glasses of orange juice (big sugar no-no), or whip up a batch of sugar cookies so I can test drive a new flavoring essence. Then when dinner rolls around, my resolve is totally broken and I hop into a plate of pasta and butter sauce like there's no tomorrow.

I'm curious how my 'tattoo diet' will work. At the very least, I will have an adorable carrot adorning my naked wrist.

*Illustration from Beatrix Potter book

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