Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 61 ~ One Year, One Nose

Primordial Scent ~ Water

This isn't about water water, it's about the current scent status of my entry into the Primordial Scent Project hosted by Monica Skye Miller/Perfume Pharmer. I chose water almost immediately because at the time the choice was made, it suited my current headspace. It still suits. In that headspace, I associated water with the act of birth, of bringing life into the world in a gush. The most elemental, the most primal, of waters. And in that headspace, I was immediately taken deep into a dark forest where the scent of olive-toned mosses clinging to glistening wet rocks emanate a specific dankness that is very nearly the same as the scent of birth water. A perfect blend of swirling warm turquoise water, damp black earth, heady breathy-voiced mosses, airy feathery leafed pond foliage, and thick petaled lotus flowers reaching up toward the light. This isn't a scent of the sea, nor the rush of a rolling river. It is the scent of calm. The scent of expectation.

The Scented Djinn
Primordial Scent ~ Water
Scent Name ~ Lylli Bleu Eau de Parfum
Keynotes ~ Blue Lotus ~ Mitti ~ Santal ~ Neroli


  1. Beautiful! I love your images and inspiration. May I re-post?



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