Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 66 ~ One Year, One Nose

Galbanum Resinoid ~ Essencia ~ 10% dilution

Galbanum, what an odd bird she is. Attractive and repulsive all at once, a Mae West kind of personality.  No disrespect to Ms. West, but she was 'out there', as they say; ahead of her time, gorgeous and raunchy, never afraid to speak her mind or face the consequences of doing so. Galbanum's a bit like that. You get drawn in, then when you're close enough, galbanum sucker punches you, then plants a wet one on your surprised open mouth. She's screechy. There are these overarching tendrils of smooth tobacco green notes that form a loose net over the harsher notes of bitter, pitchy (screechy-screamin') resin. Galbanum can be tamed, her talons clipped through careful coupling with fatty, round, and floral notes ~ rose, carnation, vanilla, butter CO2, orris, jasmine grandiflorum, mimosa. Therein lies the allure. That she can be made happy with flowers, but still remain dangerous. What a gal!

Galbanum ~ heady tobacco-green notes, dense leafy green notes, musky green notes, touch of the airier notes of cardamom, titch of cigarette butt and lawn clippings. A little green-eyed devil, she is.

She's a very kinky girl,
The kind you don't take home to mother.
She will never let your spirits down,
Once you let her off the streets.

She's a super freak,
Super freak,
She's super freaky,


  1. Love the post on Galbanum and yes she is a very kinky girl the kind you don't take home to mother that onk had me LOL.

  2. Annemarie2:00 PM

    Oooh thanks for the tip! Finally I can make my galbanum experience a bit less harsh...Now I need to buy me some jasmine, shoot! ;)

  3. There are dozens more that galbanum can be formulated with to bring out her more dazzling attributes. I think one of the more fabulous formulations I've experienced using galbanum used a fair amount of orris and rose otto which tended to highlight the greenness of galbanum and less so the resinous pitchy bits. Remember to begin with a diluted galbanum, around 5%, otherwise she'll just take over.



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