Friday, April 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I just realized, as I sit pecking away on my keyboard working stories and such, that Mother's Day is just around the corner. And I have nothing prepared for it. Primarily I'm thinking soap. Mother's Day Soap. I've already got a few customers for this, so throw me a few ideas. Nothing too over the top, but still super nice, maybe lavender absolute and patchouli and a pinch of clove? Or is that too manly? Rose geranium and rose wax with patchouli and maybe a hint of santal? I don't know. I've got one shot here, friends. Help!

On a bit of a side note here, my kids keep saying things like, "Let's make this the best (fill in the holiday) ever, because, y'know, the world's gonna end in December," and I always say back to them, "The world could end at any moment, you should have made every (fill in the blank holiday) the best ever anyway!"


  1. Hinoki, (I'll share if you need) citrus (Red Mandarine is nice) and Clary Sage. And maybe a bit of mimosa to fill in the gaps. Email or call, I'm in a sudzy mood!

  2. Ooh! Hinoki! Yes! I have some too! And red mandarin, and clary. AND mimosa. This sounds delicious. xoxo

  3. I mixed this up yesterday -- hinoki, clary sage absolute, red mandarin, tangerine essence -- now I'm thinking of adding a few drops of blue cypress and maybe a bit more mimosa. This smells fabulous! Thanks for the direction. I tend to go straight for the 'biggies' when I formulate -- santal, roses, jasmines -- I forget that picking from different areas of the palette create a lovelier and rarer smelling result. Thanks again :)



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