Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 59 ~ One Year, One Nose


So. Mimosa. Heady, sweetly, deeply floral; powdery, slightly woody, a bit green. There is something in it that reminds me of lipstick, or maybe it's an associated scent from my childhood when I'd go poking around my auntie's dressing table and I'd open the lipsticks to check out the colors, open the powder jar and puff a big cloud into the air, dig around and pull caps off of perfumes for a sniff. Mimosa smells vintage. Not old, musty, fusty, but classically, beautifully vintage. Endearing. It kind of lies its little fuzzy yellow head down on your shoulder for a snuggle. There is a slim streak of spiciness that cuts through the sweet headiness -- there and gone that streak. All in all mimosa is a darling that should never be overlooked. I see it elevating any vintage style formulation: violet perfumes, muguet perfumes, floral bouquet perfumes.

I've underestimated mimosa. It is incandescent.

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