Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dancing in the Moonlight

Okay, I admit, there wasn't any dancing in the moonlight at last night's Green Corn Moon potluck and prosperity gathering (a gathering of seven), but there was a delicious Med salad, cannelloni, beans, green beans, baked chicken, and lots of raw veggies. For the cakes and ale we served red velvet cupcakes and a sip of sweet red wine. I love going out to these smaller gatherings of gratefulness, even if our familiarity with one another leads more toward yammering about our lives than to ceremony. Full moon gatherings are great for recharging the old battery.

I'm still working on that top note for the collab project -- today the scent strip smells floral and sweet with just a shadow left of the piercing shaft of spice that is nutmeg. It's unbelievably lovely. This arrangement of materials is working nicely, now I must toy with the levels a bit to get it just right. Wish me luck.

I'm off to the J O B to W O R K. It's not difficult, just boring. Makes for a long day even if it is part-time.

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