Saturday, August 31, 2013

Selling Sucks

All right? Let's just be honest, hawking wares is a pain in the butt, especially when they're your own. Oh, yeah, it's a wee bit easier to get behind something you've made with your own two hands and artistic vision, but still, how do you not come off sounding like a fat-headed greedy monkey while doing it? I love my skin art (juicy skin products, perfumes, and, yes, tattoos) but that's no guarantee YOU will like them as well. My soaps are simple, and I stand behind their quality ~ extra virgin olive oil, organic when I can get it; organic virgin coconut oil (always), and copious amounts of precious essential oils, CO2 extractions, hand-distilled hydrosols, absolutes, extracts, infusions, and whole herbs and spices ~ this is good stuff (see the fat-headed monkey?) just as I stand behind my perfumes and organic skin and hair care products. They're top drawer even if the packaging can sometimes be a bit wonky, and the delivery time is iffy. Aren't artists supposed to be weird like this? Artists, yes. Business people? No. I guess I'm just not a very good at being a 'business people'. The only time I know my business is doing well is when I have more money to buy more stuff to make more delicious perfume and soap and incense and skin goodies. I don't have a regular product catalog. I don't keep much inventory. Nearly all my creations come from some inspired place and it's a mad scramble to complete, start to finish, before the inspiration fades. I don't have finesse in the art of selling, but set me before a palette of aromatics, bottles of gorgeous plant oils, a bag of organic sugar, some fish flakes, and some rose petals and bergamot peel, and I'm in the zone.

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