Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trial #2 ~ Collab Project

Now we're getting somewhere. Got the raw materials diluted and began the second set of trials on the head notes for the collaboration project, the cuminy one where I am utilizing the new fruit accord I built. It's interesting and I really dig it. Again, the cumin comes on strong in the wee seconds before drydown, then something marvelous happens -- the fruit accord and other materials begin to bloom and embrace the cumin turning it from abrasively sweaty crotch-like and overly seasoned enchiladas to -- to -- to something spectacularly masculine. It smells like protein and fruit. I don't know how else to describe it, like walking past the doors of a Jamba Juice ~ ha! On the scent strip it's got way more of the cumin than the rest of the materials shining through, but on the skin, ah, that's where it really does it's 'thing' -- effervescent, bright, tropical floral/fruity with just a hint of salty, sweaty skin.

I got the soap loaf cut and drying, the new one, October 2013, and it should be ready to wrap and label next week and then I'll post a few up on Etsy. These bars are really intensely scented. That little swirl of darker brown you see there is a bit of whole oil that I didn't whip into the soap -- basically, I took half the scent compound and poured it into the soap, stirred it in well, then poured the other half in and didn't stir, then poured the soap blend into the mold and walked away. So you get these ribbons of heavy scent throughout the soap. I don't swirl with color, I swirl with scent.

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