Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Enough Already!

I briefly saw the title of an article the other day when I googled Facebook from work which stated that Facebook caused depression. Man, I believe it. I think a lot of people have certain expectations of their friends on Facebook, for example, an expectation to comment, like, or share what they've written or reposted from elsewhere. When that doesn't happen, they become disheartened. Then there are all the whingers. Every single post is a bitchfest. A confession. A revelation. Fluffy nothings. I've had it. Must refrain from sitting at work clicking back and forth between Facebook and transcribing truly horrendous honking of bitchfestitudal proportions. It's really not worth poring over posts on FB to find the rare gem of momentary enlightenment. 

Full Moon ~ Full Red Moon ~ Green Corn Moon ~ Blue Moon

I'm sitting here sniffing the back of my hand upon which I dropped two drops of the potential top notes for the collaboration perfume, a sweet combination of lemon, bergamot, 'fruit accord', basil, and cumin. The cumin came on strong, like all sweaty crotchity and whatnot, then as it dried down, it became more beautiful, cohesive, slightly suede. I love the dry down a lot. The opening is piercing, almost abrasive, if I can tone that down, I think this is something I can begin working with. 

Tonight is another full moon, and perhaps it is the moon that has spurred this uncommon rush of creativity. I feel the need to make. I went back yesterday and checked on the leftover edibles I had made for a project and discovered that the neroli mallows had become entirely solid -- no mallowness at all. So I went over the process and realized that that particular batch had crystalized in the pot and that I had to add a little bit of water back into it to remelt the sugar. Needless to say, I believe I accidentally discovered how to make honey comb candy. Next project!

Another project which keeps niggling is my bag-o-tiny-heads-into-eyeglass-chains project. I haven't been able to locate my bead working tools to begin, but then again, I've been pretty busy with other things that I haven't really looked for the tools. When I go a'diggin' for things, I come to realize what a monumental task moving all this stuff out of this house is going to be. I realize with dread how many perfume materials and perfume collectibles I possess, and to wipe away the dread, I foolishly bid on a half-full bottle of vintage 4711 on Ebay -- and win. Yet one more thing to move. Aaaahhh! The bottle is pretty cool looking though.

So a few more days and October 2013, the soap, will be ready to cut and package. It smells so flippin' great! One moment it's davan~y, the next it's frankincense with a swirling of vetyver, another time it smells of the warm and woody and creamy tones of Himalayan cedar. It's an amazing little chameleon of aroma. I triple dosed the scent in this batch rather than following the rules I laid down in my soapmaking book -- 10mls of whole perfume compound to 1 pound of soap base. This one is more like 2.5 ounces per pound. Yow.

Back to that top note accord for the collaboration perfume: on the skin it's warm and floral, sweet and slightly spicy; on the scent strip it's fruit and cumin. Interesting.

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