Thursday, August 29, 2013

Super Expanding Cumin Dilution

I've been monitoring the 'growth' of the top note for the collab project very closely because of that pesky cumin, and as I had expected, it reached a point of critical somethingorother and took over -- just took the hell over -- it blasts super expanding gamma rays of cuminosity all over the damn place. So back to the drawing board or, er, um, to working the bench; added a little fruit accord, a bit more bergamot, a squeege of basil and voila! Not so much a cumin blast, yet still maintaining that dark crotchety element necessary to keep this on track with the brief. Now to send off another wee sample to the collaborator for approval (or no approval) and then -- then I guess I can put the rubber stamp on it or work on it a bit more. I did ferret out what that weird fruit/protein note I kept getting was ~ a combination of the basil and cumin plus a dash of citrus. It does funky good stuff.

On to the heart.

I'm thinking ylang-ylang, rose, clove, jasmine, orris, patchouli, sandalwood and coriander. Maybe even a bit of carnation and the merest hint (.5% dilution) of peppermint.  

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