Saturday, January 30, 2016

Doing What I Do

I'm watching the stock in the apothecary dwindling with a little bit of nervousness in my gut. I have things to put up, I'm just sitting back on my hands a bit, waiting until a lot of things are ready, and then it's going to be a wave of new, new, new stuff. I started on those eclectic collection packages (grab bags for the lay person), and once those are off the table, it's onto the next, new, and hopefully better. Without a doubt you're going to be slapped in the nose with some bergamot product. I've really just been taking things slow, no particular reason other than I'm still working out a lot of things that are in and around the studio and I don't want to F up. That's all. Not my typical procrastination thingy I do -- or did -- I'm working. I work in the studio every single day. I'm getting things prepped, and I'm taking time to create some really lovely stuff for you. It's the way I'll be working from here on out, I think. I'm no novice at this anymore, I can't always be looking for the next fad product to stick in my line up, or thinking up something that I think someone else will like. I have to stay true to me, and I do natural perfume, and soap, and body butters, and hydrosols, and body and beard oils, and delicious incense, and I teach. So that's what this is going to be from here on out. Perfecting what I know, doing better than what I did the time before, and always striving to make something absolutely stunning and exquisite with simplicity and mindfulness and gratitude.

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