Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Purpose and Repurpose

As you may have noticed lately, stock in The Scented Djinn Apothecary & Thurifercorum has been dwindling of late. I did create something -- that tuberose and coffee concoction -- but it caused an unfortunate temporary reaction on my skin when I wore it outside that I pulled it from the stock list. I'll repurpose that stuff into soap. Maybe a nice patchouli soap with some very expensive tuberose pommade laced throughout.

I'm still fretting about more space. I actually dreamed about it last night. There is a particular spot I'd like to get my stinky little fingers on but it's been declared unsuitable for occupancy by the local fire department. Apparently someone rented the space last year for their art studio and ended up living in it instead -- tore it up pretty good. I remember seeing the person who rented it fluffing faded silk flowers in the front garden container, talking to herself about how lovely her studio looked. Anyway, in the dream I got that space and with help from some very crafty friends, we put it to rights in no time. I just wish with all my heart that was the reality of it. For now, it looks like I'm going to rent regular storage space and move all of the non-perishable studio items into storage until I can find something that works better. There is another option I haven't fully explored, and that's renting space within an existing business. And there again, it all depends upon the size of the space. I need storage and studio space. With a small area for the girls to play while I'm down there. Still working on the details of it all.

While I was away from home this past weekend, I did have an opportunity to do a little rummage shopping, and I found some old Avon sachet jars (with contents) that I thought would be beautifully repurposed into solid perfume jars or incense jars. They're just pretty and it's a shame to think of them possibly ending up in a landfill somewhere because they're full up with old, rancid scent. They're soaking in a baking soda bath right now to rid them of their pervasive stink after having spent a little time in hot, soapy water and then a bleach rinse. They won't be done until the smell of Avon is completely eliminated. And the little round labels on the bottom come off.

Book sales have slipped dramatically from December's selling-like-hotcakes status. It's a little depressing. I've gotten some feedback privately from a few people who have the new book and are reading it, and all are positive -- thus far. I just hope that I've put in enough of what learning natural perfumers want to know at this stage. I've been discussing the book with someone who said it was loaded with information, but I cautioned this friend to remember that there is so much more left to learn and talk about. I simply wasn't up to writing the opus I had intended. The saying 'Biting off more than you can chew' came to mind more than once while I was writing that book. The discarded chapters represent the beginning of a new book, one which I am in no way ready to begin.

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