Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mercury Retrograde Puts Pause On -- Everything!

What is it about Mercury retrograde + boredom that makes me so introspective? Is that what this retrograde is about? Introspection, change, letting go? I'm getting off to a very slow start this year. I think it's because I don't have my plan all mapped out yet. I have a rough sketch, but I'm not narrowing the scope of the plan. The good thing is that I can see the plan at its finish -- I can visualize the end game. I can smell it, too, and it is marvelous.

But honestly, this retrograde feels very stagnant. Like everything is on pause -- personal issues, ideas, the stock market! It seems like a hurry up and wait sort of situation with steps to move forward being made, but with the wind pushing back, so the steps are more quarter steps than full ones. The universe has us on lock down!

I had this idea back when I was still writing the book about creating a solid perfume based on waxes and salts -- and now I'm second-guessing myself. Should I move forward and experiment with this idea, or should I kick it aside and continue doing what I'm doing? I don't know. I can see something coming of it, it's just that right now, at this exact moment in time, I fear nothing I, or anyone for that matter, do will work out. So I'm going to wait.

And I'm dreaming in incense again. It seems like everybody is creating some kind of lovely incense, and I'm still sitting here trying to figure out how to sort the HP closet. In the meantime, my imagination is dreaming up a sparkling green tea incense with notes of osmanthus. And violets pervade my thoughts. My violas were killed last winter when they were brought in from the frost and then forgotten. I really miss my violas. My sweet mum planted them in an old ceramic coated stock pot that she had punched holes in the bottom with a rusty ice pick for drainage. She was always planting things in non-pots. I have a succulent she planted for me that's growing nicely in an old tin coffee kettle. I really miss her. What I wouldn't give for another minute of her time.


  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Hi Justine,

    Maybe, given the sense that things are on hiatus and stop-starting, some seed and bulb planting in containers would give you something to look forward to later in the year? Perhaps thoughts of violas and related pensees (can't recall how to do accents!) may be trying to remind you of this?
    With so many varieties, all lovely, prolific self-seeding flowers, it could be well worth treating yourself to a few new plants from the viola family.
    Good luck with your plans: they'll get going soon enough, I'm sure.
    Anna in Edinburgh

    1. I am planning to go to the viola patch where my mother got my violas -- there's an entire garden full of them at my cousin's house and she's told me several times to just come and dig them up. Mum and my cousin both called the viola's 'Phyllis' weeds' -- Phyllis was mum's sister, and my cousin's mother, and Phyllis loved her violas. Phyllis passed over 20 years ago and mum cared for her violas up until the time she went.

      Thank you for the encouragement :)

    2. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Getting them from the original source, as it were, is even better! Good luck :-)
      cheerio again,
      Anna in Edinburgh (now very curious about Bergamot Marmalade!)



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