Friday, January 15, 2016

Killed by the Vengeful Evil Bergamot

Well, I'm done with that for now. The f/cking bergamot distillation has just wreaked its revenge by exploding the still. I'm going to be cleaning bergamot pulp out of the curtains for months . . .

. . . and there's another dent in the retort -- another, fresher dent to match all the other explosion dents that are already on there. I give up. I'll just take what I've got done and leave it at that.

For now ~ ha!

I'm waiting for Mercury Retrograde to finish its shenanigans before moving on to the next distillation of stuff I froze from summer and fall.

Now I have to set up to enfleurage the peel of this bergamot, unless they decide otherwise. Sneaky fruit. The juice isn't too bad, so I'm going to juice some of them and freeze the juice to use in food -- like a nice summer bergamot sponge cake with bergamot infused icing. I've also saved a few dozen seeds to plant later. And I've caught two people in the house using the bergamot like lemon and squeezing it into their bowls of pho. The bergamot smells amazing when juiced and a bit of peel is added to food -- like lemon and orange blossoms. I'm considering making kheer with the peel and some hydrosol, the same way rose water or orange blossom water is used in the recipe. It can be a 'thing'.

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