Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Village Finds

So I was able to get out of the house yesterday for more than the usual trip out of town, which doesn't count as 'out' as I'm sitting in the car for hours on end, and I find these ~

~ scattered all over the ground near the old Mason's lodge. I look up and see a huge juniper tree just loaded with berries. I picked up a handful to bring home (I didn't have the wildharvesting kit with me or I would have gotten at least an ounce or more) and plan to use these in incense or for cooking. Once the rain lets up (never thought I'd say that again) I'm heading back out to pick what I can find. This village I currently reside in never ceases to surprise me with little gifts like this. I've been able to keep my stock of pine resins and oakmoss up by simply taking a one-hour walk around the neighborhood with the wildharvesting kit in tow. As much as I loved my old home in Fresburg, the only thing I was sure to find on a walk through my neighborhood was trouble.

It's been slow going in both the writing and creating of aromatic arts' departments the past couple of weeks. I felt like I was floundering after I finished the book, as evidenced by the lack of great products on the Etsy site. All the things I promised to put on for the holidays never quite made it into existence. I'm making some changes this year with the aromatic arts, same logo (not changing that again), but more cohesive packaging and more consistent product offerings. Yes, I'm actually going to 'sell out' as an artist for a while and make the same things over and over and over again. *Sigh*. Consistency is necessary, I think, for this to move in a way that is sustainable. New products will be added, poor selling products will be phased out, and you'll be happy to know that you can buy the same soap or perfume or butter or beard oil over and over again wrapped in the same bottle or jar every time you get it. At least that's the plan. It's not a new year, new biz resolution, it's just something I've been tossing around for a while in an effort to make the business more of a business so I can move out of the studio/dining area into a real, off-site studio that will eventually turn into a retail site. It may not all come together until August, or even the beginning of 2017, but it's on the top of the agenda. Book writing will have to wait a year or so until I can pull this together.

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