Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It seems ages since I sat down and really put my back into formulating. Yes, I've made "stuff" in the past year or so, but I haven't truly formulated. I think Khamsa Eau Fraiche was the last real perfume project I worked on with any kind of heat in my soul -- well, maybe the scented masks, as those were truly inspired. Just as a writer gets writer's block, a perfumer can get perfumer's block. Getting blocked is not a good feeling, especially when perfumery is your bread and butter. Something has to fall away, like stress and insecurities, or some spark needs re-igniting. For me the spark has come in several forms ~ discovering all those lovely perfume formulations I'd put away when I didn't feel like working anymore, watching the hyacinth's gathering steam in their pots, readying themselves for a warm spring day in which to burst out of the soil. The hyacinth's are amazing -- the tips of their green leaves have breached the soil and haven't seemed to move in weeks, but slowly the purple flower head is growing in size, though the color of the buds is less purple and more gray/black. Another inspiration to getting back to the bench are some great raw materials ~ vetyver codistilled with champa, vetyver codistilled with jasmine sambac. Watching the studio coming together has helped inspire me. The shelving units are up, the books are in place, the miniature perfume bottle collection in place, the antiques are in position -- it looks fabulous, and it makes me want to hurry and get the rest done. At this pace, the studio will be ready for guests by May. Perhaps earlier if I get a bug in my bum. Lighting is an issue. The studio is very dark. Which is good for the work being done here, but not so good for getting work done here. Ah, well. It's getting there.


  1. I'm having a hard time getting that creative spark back.

    Very hard.

  2. I had to wait until all the crap peeled away ~ it was mostly in my head. Once that happened, the spark re-ignited, one tiny burning ember that grew.



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