Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night


  1. Holy smokes, those kids are very good indeed! They're very solid and more like a unit rather than discrete parts that just happen to be together onstage. So which one is yours? I can't remember!

    (Their promo photos at FB were a riot to see.)

  2. You know, it's funny that you say that. They're in the middle of recording a demo cd and discovered, to their utter confusion, that they can't play their own songs independent of one another! They're so synchronized when they play that they take cues from one another to keep them on track. So they're trashing about 20 hours of recordings to start over, after they figure out how they're going to do this.

    They're absolutely fabulous live.

    My son is the wild-haired dude in the green shirt.

  3. Well, that's kind of a happy discovery, that they follow each others' cues that well. Very jazz if you think about it. Not everyone's cut out to be a studio musician. Sucks about the 20 hrs of recording, though. Maybe just use visual cues?

    Of course your son's the wild-haired dude :) How silly of me.



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