Saturday, January 09, 2010


I take it back; I have found a few gems amongst the dust while cleaning the studio ~ a lovely extrait formulation from 2008 that I'd tucked away for maturation, then forgot, made with this gorgeous aloeswood resin tincture I found a few years back, and roses. It's flush with Turkish rose otto and agarwood resin, and shored with pink lotus absolute, frangipani, ambriene, immortelle, orris butter and lavender seville. Very deep and dark and floral. I put a drop on the back of my hand last night and woke to its scent this morning. Tenacious little bugger. I think I'm going to offer it up at the Etsy store . . . we'll have to see. I also found a lovely green perfume extrait that's matured quite nicely -- it was fashioned after Vent Vert, but instead of an in-your-face galbanum shove with screeching green meanies in the air, this green formulation is instead quietly green, more floral, though a few green meanies do raise their spiky cactus heads. This one's made with vetyver, a violet accord, boronia, galbanum, jasmine grandiflorum, a beautiful emerald green tea tincture, clary, patchouli, rose otto, basil and sandalwood. Also quite tenacious. Also in the back of the cabinet of curiosities, way, way in the back, languished a full bottle of full-strength something! She just has a number with a corresponding index card that reads, "xx grams Australian sandalwood, xx grams Himalayan cedar, xx grams ambrette CO2, xx grams ambrette tincture, xx grams Siam benzoin, xx grams jasmine grandiflorum, xx grams champa, xx grams honey absolute, xx grams fresh ginger, xx grams frankincense, xx grams 'green note', xx grams butter CO2" ~ the results are incredibly beautiful, opening with the ginger and very quickly going musky and floral, with the ginger weaving in and out, and staying that way for quite a long time. I think I clocked it at five hours. There were others, but I haven't had a chance to really test them. There was also a beautiful peach evulsion that has lovely fresh, fruity peach notes, but they don't last very long. Still.

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