Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wait, the carpet's brown?!

A fair bit of the studio is cleaned out and straightened, the rest is still a shambles. There's so much I don't even bother with putting things away when I run across them, I just have sorting boxes with brain labels such as 'notes/research', 'labware', 'raw materials' and whatnot lying on the -- the brown carpet? I thought the carpet was blue . . .

No matter. The job is progressing at a fairly decent clip and though I haven't discovered any rare gems I'd forgotten or lost, I am having fun reacquainting myself with space. I may have enough of that left over when this project's done that I can slip a little futon couch in here so I can curl up and nap during a particularly exhausting session at the bench.

I did find a brand new calligraphy book that I don't remember getting. Those kinds of things always scare me. What was I thinking when I picked that one up? And why don't I remember wanting to do calligraphy so badly I bought a book? I also found a bible written in farsi. How do I know it's a bible if it's written in farsi? Why, the pictures, of course!

I had another go at the shortbread. This time I substituted the petitgrain sur fleur neroli with a really lovely organically grown lavender oil. Again, I got the ooh, it tastes like soap responses, but I did notice that the batch went very quickly and there was a lot of dunking going on. They must like how soap tastes.

I created a formulation for Valentine's inspired by Czeche and Speake's Neroli eau de toilette (I had a bottle which I gave away as a gift to someone who can well tolerate smelling like that all day), with a few twists ~ I added an aged oudh tincture and a little bit of a gardenia infusion oil, and a few drops of honeyed osmanthus absolute. Been using the ultrasonic to speed maturation and thus far it is quite pretty.

So, been busy on many fronts. As it should be. Better this than staring bleary-eyed at MTV Cribs all day.

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