Friday, January 08, 2010

I Love Lucy


The newest edition to the family is Lucy Clementine, an adorable little ginger kitty with orange eyes and a fat, round head. My daughter kept her a secret in her bedroom for two days before she was discovered, thinking we'd want to get rid of her if we knew she was there (we already have three cats), but the minute we saw Lucy, we fell in love. She's a compact little dynamo who hasn't yet learned the house rules and is always getting run out of the studio for one thing or another ~ unplugging the computer, batting packaging popcorn across the floor (after digging it out of the dispenser bag), squeezing her fat butt cheeks between two boxes and thinking she's hiding, even though said fat butt cheeks are sticking out with attached twitching tail slithering back and forth, dragging packaging ribbon around chair legs, chewing tape, knocking books onto the floor. I think all the activity in the studio has her curious and I just keep uncovering more and more interesting things for her to play with. She's also taken to stealing my chair. As soon as I get up to do something, Lucy hops up in my computer chair and sprawls like she knows I'm coming back and she's making sure there isn't a square inch of seat for me to use. I'm sure once she figures out there really isn't much going on in here, she'll find something else to do, like irritate the other cats, which she's very good at. Yesterday I caught her sitting in the food dish hissing at Olive, one of the other kitties, when Olive approached for a nibble. Olive just looked at Lucy like, 'WTF?!' and ambled off.

Cats are funny people.

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