Sunday, January 03, 2010


Time to warm up the al-embic, but I can't decide which new goodie to distill first -- the frankincense boswellia carterii resin (a kilo!), the pinion pine resin, or the sandalwood chips. Think I'll start with the easiest, the sandalwood, as it doesn't leave residue that has to be hacked out of the al-embic to get it clean. Was going to distill lemons again as the last batch turned out beautifully -- I still get compliments on that lemon oil that smelled just like fresh squeezed lemonade. But we ended up eating and giving away all the organic lemons. Want to do a petitgrain sur fleur type with lemon and orange blossoms this time, in February when the trees go to bloom again. The hydrosol from that will be devastatingly gorgeous-- well, unless it smells like boiled veg. Which it won't, right? Optimism is the only reason I tried my hand at distillation to begin with. Some people have asked how I learned to distill, and the truth is, I don't know that I have. I've done a fair amount of study on the subject and have made a list of 'must dos' and 'must not dos'. Like, must not be in a rush or the heat could cause the resins in the pot to boil up and into the gooseneck, clogging it solid and causing the pot to accumulate pressure to the point that it explodes and ejects its viscera all over the ceiling . . . and floor . . . and walls . . . and cabinets . . . and the KitchenAid, the granite candy table, the hutch, and the cat. Must do-- be sure there's a circulating water system in place; must do-- keep the boiling water temp at 100 Celsius. There are more, like must do when the clumsy oafs are not at home as said clumsy oafs don't watch where they're walking and knock over the stand on which the receiver sits-- twice in a row. Bye bye eo.

Got a good portion of the studio "done up". Freed up a lot space and am in the process of filling it up again with running projects. I'm getting there. When I'm in too far, I just ring a bell so they can find me.


  1. I'm sure the frankinces softly calls "pick me...Pick Meeeee" ROFLMAO.

    You might by any chanse have any lemony water left? if so it has Wolfie written allover it -

  2. I do have some lemon hydrosol left. I'll be making more soon (I hope). There's just so much to do . . .



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