Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Devil is in the Details

Yesterday was a fairly productive day. I finished up the base and heart of both Peaseblossom and Puck's Love Juice, got more jasmine blossoms in the alcohol (going out now to get more), and worked a bit in the garden. Then I decided to bake. Something. Anything. I was in a baking mood.

While picking the jasmine for the evulsion, I noticed a slight banana note emanating from the blossoms, that sort of creamy, vanilla-thick banana in cream pies, so it hits me! I'll make a banana jasmine cream pie! I pull out all the main cast -- flour, eggs, sugar, bananas, jasmine gourmand food essence, milk, cream, more bananas, jasmine flowers from the garden, and corn starch. I mix up a shortbread crust, sans jasmine gourmand food essence, and while it's baking in the oven, I set to work on the cream pudding. Into a saucepan I poured in the required amount of corn starch, added milk, cream, sugar and stepped away from the pan for a moment to check the crust. When I returned to the pan, literally 30 seconds later, it was foaming. Huge foamy bubbles of milk were threatening to pour over the sides of the saucepan -- was that really corn starch I poured into the pan? No. Baking powder. Down the drain that went and on to a new batch of cream pudding.

So today there is a banana jasmine cream pie in the fridge awaiting it's topping of jasmine whipped cream and jasmine flower garnish. I'm not 100% happy with the cream pudding, though. Perhaps the mishap with the baking powder threw me off my game. The cream pudding tastes lovely, vanilla and jasmine flavored, but the texture is more like a gelatin than a pudding.

I wanted to top the pie with more bananas, but last night the free range monkeys who invade my house while I'm sleeping ate all the remaining bananas -- and some ramen, chicken salad, beans and rice, a box of cereal and something that should go in a microwave if I had one but ended up sitting overnight on my stove.


  1. I almost had a cooking fubar yesterday, grabbing sugar instead of flour. It was close but I caught myself just before pouring lol.

  2. Well, at least it wasn't salt for sugar :)



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