Thursday, April 07, 2011

Wheat Grass Tincture

I love the color green, and I've always wanted to create a perfume that was truly green and vibrant, as most Natural Botanical Perfumes turn gold or amber or brown. So I grew some wheat grass as I'd read years ago that tincturing grasses makes for lovely, agrestic, mown hay scents and gorgeous green colors, and then evulsed it in organic grain alcohol to really pull out the color. I'm not looking for the scent so much, though it is very grassy and green scented--it's that color -- this picture hardly does the tincture justice. One of the fougere's, perhaps the ladies' fougere, will be tinted pretty green using this wheat grass juice. I also have a dark, mossy green from a rosemary evulsion of last year -- that can be used to tint as well, and the scent is delicious!

Oh! I also wanted to tell you to not open or reply to mail in your email accounts from a Kathy Lagoli -- the reference line looks legit, like this person has information about you that might be on forums you post on and blog posts or your online business. It's a hacker. Delete, delete, delete! The one I received (actually, I received two in two different accounts but deleted the second after googling this stuff) had "about your sample of Amber Parfum Extrait" in the reference line. Since I never sent this person a sample, I googled her name, and voila! There's about a million google searches on her and all are saying DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!


  1. Just love that color!! Might do well in a cooling summer perfume as well?

  2. It is nice, isn't it. I can see it in a light tint, just barely coloring the composition, or a heavy dose turning the 'fume dark green and mossy. Oh, the possibilities . . .




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