Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Long Wait For Perfume to "Mature" ~ Like Watching Grass Grow

Both Puck's Love Juice and Peaseblossom are happily aging in their bottles, periodic bouts of zippy zapping action to speed the process is being implemented, and, of course, good old fashioned time. And since I now have some spare time (not really, I have four more perfumes in the works -- ooh! Five!) I played around a bit with some packaging ideas for Puck's Love Juice and Peaseblossom (I keep saying Peasebottom in my head) that I think are appropriate to the theme.

The jasmines are driving me mad! The bush is just outside my living room window which I keep open just a crack -- the fragrance rushes in and fills the house. I keep thinking I need to make something with jasmine, as illustrated by the previous posts in which I made scones with jasmine one day, and an entire banana jasmine pie the next! The jasmine evulsion smells delicious and richly jasmine floral. One of my daughter's friends was over yesterday and I dropped a bit on the back of my hand and had her smell it -- she said, "That smells like those flowers out front! How'd you do that?" She thought I made a perfume to mimic the scent of the jasmines outside.

The Perfume Exhibition & Scent Event is only 18 days away and I'm still trying to get it all organized and . . . someone suggested a story board to work out the big picture, so I'm going to do that. I'm usually a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type, very spontaneous, rebellious against the strictures and confines of "rules", impulsive. The perfume exhibition isn't the time nor place to display those wild go-with-the-flow characteristics. I must plan, plan, plan!

In the meantime, I play, play, play! More tincturing of jasmine, more gardening, more trips to the sea.

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