Friday, April 29, 2011

Viola Odorata

Viola odorata, the much coveted cucumbery scented violet leaf that NBP's carefully dose into their compositions is getting a whipping over at my mother's house. For years she's complained about these "weeds", or what she also often refers to as, "Phyllis' weeds" -- they grow prolifically in and around the trees and garden beds of mum's domain, not to mention that they grow into her carefully tended carpet grass. I have seen her many times on her knees in that grass, swearing at and tearing out the creeping viola, attempting to corral it into the brick walled bed. To no avail. Mum happily parted with some of her dreaded weeds so that I too will now mother-eff the viola as it attempts to hop the front walkway into the jasmine bed. But alas, this is a battle I am set to win -- you see, this viola is marked for extraction.

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