Wednesday, April 06, 2011

ZETA ~ Got't'a Have It Parfum From Andy Tauer

ZETA is the newest perfume from Andy Tauer, niche and quite-a-lot-of-naturals-used perfumer based on the delicious blissfulness of linden blossom.

There's a HUGE giveaway at Perfume Pharmer here where you can enter your name in the draw to win a FULL bottle of Andy's latest fabulous creation. If you're a naturals' purist, try to get it for your mama -- Mother's Day is right around the corner. Or, heck! Even your papa as ZETA, though somewhat feminine, smells right at home on man skin. Trust me.

Samples of ZETA are also being given away at Perfume Pharmer, so there's more delicious blissful fragrance to go around.

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