Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jameel Natural Botanical Eau de Parfum

Jameel Eau de Parfum is a scent of exquisite white florals and citrus. Jameel is bright and effervescent, the epitome of spring. If you love white florals, then Jameel is your girl.

She begins with a bright flash of citrus & gorgeous green, fresh petitgrain, then mellows to sweet, white flowers (neroli, gardenia) and segues into osmanthus, oudh and labdanum ~ luscious and feminine and tenacious, lasting a few hours before re-application is necessary. The gardenia used in Jameel Eau de Parfum is a many times over infusion in fractionated coconut oil, and it is surprisingly tenacious; lends a lot of its lush white floral to the composition. Jameel Eau de Parfum is created in organic grain spirits.

Key Notes: Neroli, gardenia, oudh and osmanthus.

Also includes ~ bergamot, creticus evulsion, tarragon, opoponax, lemon petitgrain and peach evulsion.

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