Thursday, May 05, 2011

Canopy ~ A Really Big Canopy

We, and by we I mean my son and his friends, set up the canopy for the perfume exhibition to "stage" the yard. I wasn't there, so when done, they sent me a picture via cell phone with one of them standing next to it.

Canopy ~ a really big canopy. Enormous. I could have a small wedding party under it, and room left over for the careless caterer to trip into the cake.

It's very warm here today -- a slightly breezy 95 degrees Fahrenheit. I feared the weather would turn in this direction just before the exhibition, but the forecast predicts the weather to be somewhere in the low to mid-70's on Saturday, May 14, so we're saved from the trickling sweat.

This turn of the weather also means that body butters at The Scented Djinn Apothecary (Etsy) get stored away in the cold box until next fall.

My mum has been digging up volunteer tomato seedlings from her box gardens for weeks now to give to me, one of my sons and my neighbor. Yesterday I ran over to pick them up and 'lo and behold, there were something in the neighborhood of 30 heirloom tomato plants! Mum has these marvelous little yellow cherry tomato plants that reseeded and I'm so happy to have a few of those. This year I plan to can extensively.

*I searched in my archived photos (MY photos) for a pic of a homegrown tomato from last year's crop but I couldn't find one -- sorry, no tomato porn today.

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