Saturday, May 07, 2011


Some of you may be wondering what all this "PLAP" business is about ~ it's a mindset, friends. I am a pragmatic woman who allows small bursts of levity to flourish in my life -- I have to. As crappy as things get, giving oneself a break or taking a deep breath or a nap or any number of things that relieve the stress of life is necessary. Otherwise, I'd be locked up in one of those institutions with deceiving names like, "Heritage Center" or "Rose Hill" wearing a very long-sleeved sweater and spending my days attempting to lick my eyebrows.

So let's all get our PLAP on -- when you're feeling particularly icky, give yourself a PLAP, turn on some Mano Dibango and let the music and the PLAP flow!


  1. How could you not get in a good mood with that playing and a little patchouli love magic sprayed in the air?



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