Monday, May 09, 2011

Ruh Khus

Thanks to a generous perfumer and her creative use of vetyver root as packing peanuts for an order I received, I now have a liter of fresh ruh khus hydrosol -- and, yes, there are lovely deep green globules of ruh khus oil floating on top of the bottle and stuck down at the bottom of the bottle.

I like this idea of packing orders in vetyver root. My vetyver sustained a mild concussion a few weeks ago while they were "resting" from their long trip from Florida. The dog, god bless her little black heart, couldn't resist the vetyver sitting out on the back patio in its flimsy packaging and decided to chew on them. For fun and entertainment. Thankfully, I was able to find them all (scattered from one end of the back yard to the other) and resuscitated them in the window sill of the kitchen. They're now ready for the dirt, in a good way, that is. I have six healthy bundles, so I think three will actually go into the dirt near the swampy end of the yard and the other three will go into big pots for harvesting. I look forward to both using the root to distill for hydrosol and packing a bit into little boxes for cushion in shipment. If I can stop myself from using it all in the still.

The hydrosol is delicious smelling. Earthy and musky. I'm going to begin carrying a bottle of this Water of Tranquility around in my purse for spraying the air and myself when things get crazy.

Thanks again to K. for the roots! I cherish these things, y'know.


  1. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Tranquility Base - very appealing.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. I know -- who doesn't need tranquility?

    Have a great day!




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