Sunday, June 10, 2012

At Last!

The studio is cleaned up! There are still a few boxes here and there needing to be put away somewhere out of the way (perhaps when I get another table in here I can store them underneath), but the space is unbelievable. My granddaughter and I come in here now to put on Indian Vibes on Pandora and dance until we're sweaty. So enjoy the little Sunday pictorial and perhaps the next time I share photos of the studio, there will be students in it learning the ancient art of perfumery. Ignore the ugly, dirty recliner -- it was left here by the previous tenants (my son) and is useful for rocking babies to sleep.

Soap pics of the soap made by the students in the soapmaking class June 2nd.

These are big, clunky 6 plus ounce bars. Mostly extra virgin olive with a bit of organic coconut and organic sunflower. Nice stuff.

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