Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 76 ~ One Year, One Nose

It's these types of experiences that bring me right back into the center of all natural perfumery ~ a simple deux fleurs of tuberose and tea rose liberally applied between the breasts and inhaled with every breath until the realization dawns that this is a perfume!

Upon initial application the scents are definitively separate -- there is the deep, sultry, lush, exotic, sweet, sexy tuberose and just as distinctly there is the slight spiciness of the intense rose of tea rose. As the day progresses, they combine in a marriage that is nothing short of spectacular. They become the most expensive, most delightful, most intriguing scent ever smelled -- there are dainty top notes of whispering rose, heady heart notes of vintage Joy, and the base notes provided by warm skin.

Try it. Dab a bit of tuberose between your breasts/on your chest, then atop it add a dab of tea rose. The beginning is predictably tea rose with tuberose, however, by day's end you will find that you've created a unique perfume -- what really pumps up the scent is a workout, a little sweat and heat.

The first time I tried this, I actually thought I'd sprayed some vintage floral perfume and forgotten I had done so. The next morning I did it again and by late afternoon I was swooning in a classic floral parfum created by superb raw materials and my own chemistry. The tenacity is incredible -- literally 8 or 9 hours.

Again, experiences like this reawaken my desire for Natural Botanical Perfumery.

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