Saturday, June 02, 2012

Class Dismissed!

So even with the glitches, the class went very well. Forgot to take pictures again, though I think some of what we did was being streamed to FB as we went along. I'll find out later and direct you where to look if you care to.

The future class schedule looks a little bit like this, though maybe a bit of rearranging is in order:

August ~ Botanical Soapmaking Class

September ~ Spiritual Awakening Natural Botanical Anointing Oil Class

October ~ Golden Kyphi Class, and a Three Kings Soap class, on separate days

The students who showed up today have shown a lot of interest in attending these classes as well, and with a bit more lead time, we shouldn't have a problem filling the spots.

Now I'm off to watch a movie that I may very well not last to watching 'til the end.

Peace out.

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