Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enfleurage Complete

The gardenia enfleurage is complete -- I was able to get three rounds of deep infusion before the weather changed and baked the remaining blossoms on the bush. The scent of the pomade is just as all the other gardenia enfleurages I've experienced -- a couple California enfleurages, a Brazilian enfleurage, a Mexican -- lush, heady white flower heaviness that lasts on the skin about an hour before fading into the ether. I think I'll keep this batch to myself as I do so love the way gardenia and coconut oil behave together -- pure decadence. But, as I posted previously, I had hoped to get up to five rounds of infusion out of this summer's gardenia 'crop', alas, that wasn't to be. The weather went seriously blazing (109 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday) and one could almost watch the gardenia flowers brown and shrivel in a matter of minutes. Very sad. However, every dark cloud is often followed by a rainbow (or has a silver lining, whichever you prefer) and all this extra warm summer weather is perfect for growing tomatoes and summer squashes and pumpkins, which are planted everywhere in the back garden. The parsley is going mad, as are the various basils and mints; the freshly put to earth oregano loves its new home and rewarded us with new tendrils of lush growth. The lavender is in bloom, the rosemary filling out the blank spaces in the garden, and Houston, we have cilantro, the first time I have ever been able to grow this delicate sprite of a plant. I also put my vetyver in the ground and watch hopefully as they regain consciousness from their long trip, waiting for fresh shoots of pale green to jut up above the darker older growth. Several varieties of cucumber vociferously stake their claim to the most desirable position in the back garden -- you should see them tangle -- we're considering giving them a time out in the corner, but they'd probably take it as an opportunity to climb the fence and tease the neighbor's chickens. It is a garden of happy mischief.

Random photos from Delicia store c. 2004


  1. The ever etherical.gardenia...i found the same with the absolute i have...
    Your pomade sounds wonderful though...must try that this summer...what kind of fat do u use?

    1. I used organic refined coconut so as not to fuss up the scent with coconut (though I do love that scent combined with gardenia as well) -- I just wanted a pure gardenia scent.

  2. Carlos4:05 PM

    are those two puffballs flowers. If so what type of gardenia is it. it looks mad

  3. No, the puff balls are gardenia/jasmine bath bombs. The gardenia i enfleuraged is a common augusta, or jasminoides.



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