Saturday, June 09, 2012

Day 75 ~ One Year, One Nose

Cardamom Evulsion

Cardamom is a scent I had some difficulty getting past the acquaintance stage. But I now adore cardamom. The scent embodies a lot of the kinds of essences I crave -- earthy smells, resinous smells, foresty smells, and throat tingling spice smells.

I have a tincture I made in 2006 and at its birth it was nothing to dance about -- it was weak and somewhat flat, and seemed very one dimensional, as if all the elements hadn't quite matured, and I had yet to get past the shaking of hands stage with cardamom on any level. Today, six years later, Mr. Cardamom Tinc. is sublimely lovely; he feels like an intimate friend. There is a warmth in his scent, masculine yet not overbearing. And the spiciness, like the way horseradish likes to whip your olfactory nerves about, it's there but in the background, laying low with no plans for an ambush. There is an earthy, resinous and pitchy pine-like scent with hints of lemon all about the tincture; mouthwatering, really.

Cardamom tincture is sexy, and we are well past the shaking hands stage of our relationship.

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