Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Summer Solstice 2012!

I've noticed a lot of people are checking out last year's Summer Solstice post so I thought I'd update, give 'em something else to read.

Tonight we're dining dans le jardin ~ pulling out the long table and laying it with fresh melon, grapes, berries and ratatouille. There are candle sconces along the fence, so we'll be lighting those up for the first time this year. We'll be dining by candlelight and probably listening to reggae music while the babies run wild in the grass. But, of course, even the most well laid plans are apt to get side-tracked. By evening's end we may end up sitting in a sticky booth at McDonald's eating yogurt parfaits.

More plants are going down this evening as well -- I found an adorable boxwood basil that smells so good, like basil and mint with a hint of chocolate and vanilla. It's a very odd little bush. I also procured a more mature tomato plant to round out the collection we have going here, and I'm going to take a risk and place the newer plants at the end of the driveway outside of the back fence. It gets much better direct light during the day and it remains fairly hot, perfect for tomatoes. My only concern is that is it on the outside of the fence and subject to vandalism. I don't mind if people are hungry and wish to pick a tomato or three to fill their stomachs; I do mind if some jerk comes by and decides to tear the plants up for spite. That's happened. You wouldn't believe the crap (literally) I've found in my yards that the vagabonds of every ilk have dropped in their wake, or the things they've snatched off my front porch, or who I have found sitting on the lawn furniture out back at 3 AM.

Happy Summer Solstice everyone. May your summer be mild and carefree.

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