Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Mutterations

I have not been sleeping well these past few nights, so forgive me if this post seems more off than my usual 'offness'. I am excited to say that I will be attending the 1st Annual Artisan Fragrance Salon in San Francisco July 8, 2012. I'm taking the train. And perhaps my ex-business partner, Monica, to see if I can re-inspire her to join me in the quest of fragrant art. We make a good business team.

My dear friend Shannon, owner/operator of Season's in Sanger, CA is closing up shop due to serious health problems she's experiencing. Which means all those classes I had scheduled with her are no longer going to be held at Season's. I'm holding them here! In the Tower studio. Soap class in August; Spiritual Oil class in September; Kyphi Incense class in early October, and a holiday soap class in mid- to late-October. Season's will continue to be an online resource for spiritual tools and books, and the sacred plant nursery will still be in operation as well.

My current batch of Golden Kyphi is coming along. I showed it to someone the other day and they asked why I was keeping a bowl of vomit in the butler's pantry! The nerve . . . so in retribution, I stuck my finger in the mix and smeared it on their arm.

So about a month ago I got these cute little guys from a dealer in Lithuania. They came packed in an adorable Lithuanian six-pack cardboard carton for eggs. I attempted to keep the egg carton because it was unique (to me anyway, I've never possessed an egg carton from Lithuania -- do you see the potential hoarder in me rising to the surface?) but it didn't survive the traveling band of berserker granddaughter babies who frequently use the studio as fertile marauding turf. I found its poor mangled body spread willy-nilly across the studio's hardwood floor, and two giggling one-year-olds holding hostage tattered remnants in their banana and peanut butter smeared hands. I know, these are for bloodletting (how gory is that?) but I saw a tribe of Monclins the moment they popped up on my computer screen. Do you see them? I've used them in that capacity and am quite pleased with the result -- I take a small bit of scent paper and soak it with scent, then lay the paper atop a piece of clean glass, then set the open end of a globe over the paper and wait a few minutes for the globe to fill with scent, then pick it up and tuck in my nose -- works like a charm. And they're great conversation pieces.

It's getting late. Gotta run. The J O B calls . . .


  1. U just reminded me that i have a stack of these from my acupuncture classes...duh!
    Transferred to the workshop they will be forthwith!
    And cracked up over the image of the peanut butter smeared marauders!

  2. Pretty cool, aren't they? Multi-purpose low tech thingamabobs. What are they called, anyway?

    Gotta love those little marauders ~ one in particular thinks she's already a perfumer, comes in the studio, rolls up a chair and starts lining up bottles, muttering baby garble-dee-goop as she sniffs the air.



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