Friday, February 17, 2012

About AdSense

Not a perfume related post, but something that's been bothering me of late: AdSense. Last year I decided to put blog relative ads on my blog page to generate extra income. First it seemed okay as most of the ads were beauty related if not perfume related (those I've discovered are few and far between), but now I'm noticing the ads have absolutely nothing to do with anything that my blog is about. An ad for the Carousel Inn in Santa Cruz, California? Really? What did I blog about that generated an ad like that?

And as for income generation? I think I've found more change on the sidewalk in the past year than what I've managed to generate through AdSense in the same amount of time.


  1. Yup. I ditched AdSense last year. They still spam me weekly. Google is basically the Mephistopheles of search engines and jacks of very few trades at all.

    I'd rather train Pancho and Lucy to shake tin cups on the street corner on farmers' market weekends this coming spring.

  2. Ha! I'd love to see Pancho and Lucy shaking tin cups -- I'd definitely donate to their cause.

    I think I'll keep AdSense up just a bit longer before ditching it, to see if maybe something finally does come of it. If not, well, out it goes.



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