Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 23 ~ One Year, One Nose

Ylang-Ylang Super Extra 10%

Ylang-ylang is NOT one of my favorite smells. In fact, I am reminded (and I've probably said this on my blog more than once) of the scent combination used to give baby diapers a more appealing aroma (that's pre-use -- no amount of fragrance can cover up the smell of a dirty baby diaper). So while I want to smell the poor man's jasmine, instead I smell Pampers.

Breaking it Down:

The odor intensity is around 5-6, the scent lush, floral, sickly sweet, slightly minty, cool, fresh with a little of the oily/buttery, cloying floral dooky tonality. As a matter of fact, it smells just peachy blended with peppermint because they bring out something in the other, a brightness and lightness. It's pretty nice. A few months back a friend and I were the high bidders on a mini-lab of synthetic perfumery ingredients from the 1930s, and in it was a small vial of jasminoid (complete with cork top), and the jasminoid has a lot of the same characteristics as this ylang-ylang, with more of a jasmine bent -- what I mean is, you certainly wouldn't mistake the jasminoid for ylang-ylang, but you could ferret out some of the icky sticky tonality of ylang-ylang within it. Just saying no matter how you slice it, ylang-ylang is and never will be a poor man's jasmine -- not even close. Jasminoid doesn't smell like real jasmine either, so . . . As the ylang-ylang dried on the scent strip, it became less sickly and more densely sweet and buttery, lasting nicely until about 12 hours later.

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