Thursday, February 02, 2012

Day 2 ~ One Year, One Nose

Macarons & Cupcakes

Peaches and Cream Macarons simply smell of sweet peach jam. Oh, and cream. And vanilla. So perhaps not so simply scented. The outer 'shell' of the macaron is sugared vanilla, the scent just hovering above the crust. Once broken open, the scents of peaches and cream explodes ~ there is tart peach jam with rich apricot notes, deep notes of cream and more sugar, a dash of dark vanilla, ooh, and butter, salty creamy butter. A nibbler sitting across the table from me at the bakery remarked, "It feels like fat little buttery peach angels are dancing on my tongue!"

Chocolate Twin Pomegranate Wine & Cheesecake Cupcake smells of red wine, the darkest, sweetest red wine, with rich, dark bitter chocolate and cream, and a dash of sweet, tart cherry. The wine prevents this scent from reaching the dark decadent gourmand rush of just chocolate and cherries, instead twisting back and settling in about halfway to dark gourmand -- the red wine scent is prevalent, bolstered by the juice of pomegranate, both tart and slightly bitter smelling. Think Raisinettes with their deliciously sweet chocolate coating and tart, juicy raisin within -- like that, yes. There is a yeasty element to this cupcake -- smells of barrooms after the patrons have gone and all that's left is the cleaning up. It is at once rustic and elegant, but I would never want to wear a scent like this. It heads in too many directions at one time and is confusing.

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