Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Day 8 ~ One Year, One Nose

I'm late! I'm late! And I still have Day 9 to post! So much to do, so much to smell!

Antique Mysore Sandalwood (the 'real' stuff)

I have very little of this sandalwood left, in fact, not even enough to formulate with anymore. I keep it in the library to make comparisons and just because it's such a lovely scent in general. And I'm happy that I do since it is the most beautiful sandalwood oil I've ever smelled. It is exquisitely creamy and woody with lots of lush buttery tones. It makes me yearn to have been a perfumer in the 10s and 20s when there was a lot of this Mysore sandalwood available (my sample is over 100 years old). I would have hoarded it even then (I say that now, but who knows?) This sample gives an impression more of 1920s France; art deco, the Paris World's Fair, flappers and shameless women who smoked cheroots than of India and chandan dhoop. The tenacity is spectacular, lasting well beyond the 12 hour mark and into months, however faintly.

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